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2022/10/26 - Magic Power European Office Personnel Adjustment  
Magic Power Group has asigned Mr. Bruno as the new Manager Director for MPEO.

2022/07/11 - High Output, High Safety  
AC/DC Medical 450W PSU

2022/06/24 - High Output AC/DC Medical 650W PSU  
Design to meet 60601 BF safety approval. 12V, 24V and 48V, 3 single outputs. Build-In 5Vsb/-12V.

2022/06/06 - AC/DC 30W 24V PSU  
MPE-J035 Series Flat design, 2*3" with 24.2mm in height Meet EMI CISPR 32 / FCC Part 15 class B

2022/04/29 - Your imagination is no longer a fantasy!  
Customized Power Supply service of Magic Power

2022/04/18 - The smaller, The better  
Spec upgrade! Slim design to meet more applications!

2022/03/23 - AC/DC 200W PSU  
MPE-S200 Series->12, 24, 48 VDC outputs available.widely used on panel PC,ICS......etc

2022/01/11 - Flush Box - 20W/40W PSU  
MPF-B025/B045 Heat-Resistant PC enclosure. Designed to meet ITE 62368 & Household 60335 Safety.


2021/12/09 - 3*5 AC/DC 500W Industrial PSU  
MPI-G500 LVD 62368 approved! 12V, 24V, 48V OPV available & optional + 5VSB! Household and Industrial application!

2021/08/27 - DC/DC 3 x 5” 200W PSU  
MPD-G200 Series sample is available now! Click here for more information !

2021/06/03 - 500W new product - MPI-G500 Applying for EN62368  
Latest high output model : MPI-G500 is now applying for EN62368. This power-packed model can provides single output of 12V and 24V, 500W with attached fan cooling. Check PR for detail specs!

2021/04/08 - +-48V DC/DC power supply  
Looking for a +-48V DC/DC power supply? Click here for more.

2021/03/16 - Power Supply News- New DC-UPS available!  
Check out our DC-UPS!.It can be used in numerous application,from monitor to renewable energy and etc. Take a look at our press release for more information!

2021/02/02 - Happy Lunar New Year to all of our partners!  
Magic Power will be closed during Lunar New Year from Feb. 10th to Feb 16th. We wish you great fortune and great favour!

2021/01/28 - Our MPM-K450 Series has been approved by IEC, UL 60601-1!  
MPM-K450 series samples are now Available!It has recently passed IEC, UL 60601-1 approval ! Contact us for more information and details.

2021/01/19 - MPI-G500 3 x 5” 500W PSU Coming soon!  
Our MPI-G500, high wattage model is coming soon! It is applicable for household and industrial application. Check out our latest press release!


2020/12/14 - Four models are going to be cancelled from TUV licenses starting from December 15th,2020  
MPI-806H, MPI-810H, MPI-U40x-y-zz and MPM-706H(-A) are going to be cancelled from TUV licenses starting from December 15th ,2020

2020/09/26 - MPE-J020 2x2.5" Ultra Small PSU  
The J series is the latest member of our 2x3" family. With 25W, and 5V, 12V, 24V, 48V outputs, it's perfect for some of the most extreme applications. It also features easy-to-mount pin assignment. Contact us for details and samples!


2019/12/09 - New Medical PSU with Safety Class II  
Are you looking for medical PSU with high O/P and high safety? Introducing MPM-K450, Class II certified, outputs 450W with fan, and peak 600W for 10 secs. It’s perfect for household medical devices. Click for more details!

2019/10/18 - Introducing DC-sourced Uninterruptible Power Supply  
Magic Power proudly presents new UPS product. MPU-D205 is a DC-sourced UPS using lead-acid battery module. It comes with compact size (2.7 x 5") and special digital interface for easy monitoring. Check PR for detail.

2019/07/31 - Here's Our 62368 Update List!  
Come check out our new product line! We have top-selling product upgrade and brand new product coming right up!

2019/05/29 - Have you seen our full 62368 package?  
Magic Power's latest package contains 2 new models and 3 top-sale models including our all-purpose MPE-S100 , MPE-S060, and ATX MPI-822H, all approved by IEC/UL 62368-1. More products in queue for update, contact us for latest schedule!

2019/04/18 - Safety Standard Update!  
Our top sell MPE-S100, MPE-S060, and MPI-822H have been approved by IEC, UL62368-1. More product in queue for 62368 update, contact us for detail schedule and new product plan.

2019/03/07 - UL60601-1-2 4th Ed qualified Medical Power  
MPM-S050 is not only UL60601-1 3.1 Ed approved, but also passed EMC protocol UL60601-1-2 4th Ed. It boasts it's compact size (2"x4") and high power-density. MPM-S050 is definitely the power supply you need for safe, precise medical applications.

2019/02/25 - Embedded World, Here We Are!  
Embedded World 2019 is about to begin! Magic Power as always will be there introducing our latest product such as MPM-S120, MPI-810H, MPD-S100......and many more. Magic Power will be at "Hall 2 / 2-353", make sure to pay us visit!

2019/02/11 - New Product Meets UL62368 Coming Soon!  
MPE-S130 series come with higher power density and wide operating temperature range. Most importantly it will soon get official approval for UL62368 protocol. Contact us if you're interested in our latest high quality product.

2019/01/30 - Happy Chinese New Year to all our partners  
Magic Power Taiwan will be closed during Chinese New Year from Feb. 2nd to Feb 10th. We wish all our partners a happy Chinese New Year.

2019/01/18 - MPE-S065 Datasheet Update  
Change CCC approval condition

2019/01/03 - Come Visit Us!  
Welcome to Embedded World 2019 in Nürnberg


2018/12/18 - Class II, 60W Medical Power  
With Approval of IEC/UL 60601-1 Edition 3.1

2018/12/07 - MPE-S13X & S08X  
Approved by UL 62368-1 second edition

2018/07/30 - IEC62368-1 : 2014  
IEC62368-1 : 2014 is pending now!

2018/05/17 - Standard Medical Power Supplies  
Various types of medical equipment applications

2018/04/12 - Create Your Own Magic Power  
Introduction of OEM Products

2018/02/26 - MPM-815H upgraded to IEC/EN 60601-1 3.1 edition  
150W Medical fanless ATX power

2018/01/17 - New Standard of IEC 62368-1  
Third edition will be published on Sep 7, 2018


2017/10/26 - Medical 650W, Multiple Output, DC/DC slot available  
Samples are available now!

2017/10/16 - 50W, Class II, Single output Medical PSU  
Samples are available now!

2017/02/10 - 650W Multiple Output Medical PSU  
New product released.

2017/01/05 - NEW WARRANTY and RMA POLICY!  
Warranty extends to 3 years for most products


2016/11/25 - Meeting ClassⅡ, the 120W Medical PSU  
Samples are available now!

2016/06/10 - The new MPD-S100 series  
Samples are available now!

2016/05/10 - The new MAE series  
ITE Desktop adapter with level 6!

2016/03/25 - 100W wide input range isolated DC/DC power!  
MPD-S100 series released

2016/02/04 - 40W compact size 3 x 2 x 1 in! -  
MPE-S040 series released


2015/06/25 - IEC60601-1-2:2014(4th ed.)  
New edition

2015/04/24 - 115/100W Medical Power Supply 2 x 4’’  
MPM-S100 series released

2015/03/25 - 40W Ultra Compact 3 x 2 x1 inch!  
MPE-S040 released

2015/02/17 - Ultra Low Profile Series  
MPE-T060 released

2015/01/25 - Magic Power's ODM/OEM capabilities  
Check out our ODM/OEM capabilities!


2014/10/25 - Compact size power supply  
MPE-S040 series released

2014/09/25 - New ITE Safety Approved  
MPE-T060 series released

2014/08/25 - New medical 200W  
Safety Certificates Acquired

2014/05/27 - New 250W Open frame power supply ITE safety certificates announced  
New Product released

2014/03/25 - MPE-S043, MPE-S045 Compact size PSU  
Compact size PSU

2014/02/25 - Medical adapters MPM-X30,-X60,-120 series  
Check out our Medical Adapters!


2013/12/10 - 250W Fanless Power Supply Launched  
New model released

2013/10/25 - MPM-S100 series Sample Reservation  
Reserve a sample!

2013/09/30 - Isolated DC to DC Power Supplies  
Power Supplies introduction

2013/07/25 - IEC 60601-1(-11) Safety Standards and Magic Power Medical PSU  
Safety Standard intoduction

2013/05/10 - New Medical PSU Safety Approved  
Safety Standard for MPM-G200 series approved

2013/04/25 - Low profile model MPE-S040 series  
New model released

2013/04/10 - Medical going GREEN!!!  

2013/03/26 - MPE-T060 series  
New models Coming soon!!!

2013/02/21 - Class II construction  

2013/01/15 - New Model Certifying Safety!!!  
We are happy to announced that our new model MPM-G200 series has been applied for safety approvals IEC 60601-1 (CB certificate) and EN 60601-1 (TUV Rh) 3rd edition!


2012/11/19 - Medical Power Supply Solutions - MPM-S100 series and MPM-G200 series  
New model released

2012/10/31 - 110W DC/DC Power Supply MPD-F113 series  
New model released

2012/10/01 - 250W Open Frame Power Supply  
New model released

2012/08/24 - 120W Open Frame Power Supply  
New model released

2012/07/04 - New Green Products  
New model released


2011/12/28 - MPE-S100series  
New model released

2011/04/18 - MPE-S060 series  
New model released

2011/03/17 - The Safety Approved News  

2011/02/11 - MPI-S101 series  
New model released

2011/01/28 - MPI-S201 series  
New model released

2011/01/06 - MPI-822H  
Continuous 220W Industrial, ATX Switching Power Supply No load consumption < 0.5W wide range of operating tempature -10~+70 degree.


2010/11/03 - MPI-U400 series  
New model released

2010/08/30 - The Updated Safety Approvals News (MPM-U30x-y)  

2010/05/19 - MPM-0200 series--Medical 200W single output  
Medical grade 200W single output power supply with 3"x5" compact size is available now.


2009/12/11 - MPM-U300 & Accessories  
MPM-U300 is a fan-less 300W, AC/DC switching power supply, efficiency up to 91%.

2009/10/22 - MPD-F113-1  
The MPD-F113-1 is a 110W single output DC/DC converter.

2009/09/08 - MPI-H20D  
200W industrial switching power supply, triple outputs.

2009/06/03 - MPM-U300 series  
Please feel free to contact us if not expecting to receive our press release in the future.