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Q: Why couldn't I turn on MPD-810H/MPD-807H/MPD-8071-S?

Please check your DC source if it could provide sufficient "current" to meet "peak current" in the datasheets. If you are not sure the DC source is powerful or not, a car battery would be recommended.

Q: What would happen when I revere the input polarity of MPD-807H/MPD-810H/MPD-815H?

It might damages the fuse(s) and the input diode which should required to be repaired. In order to prevent the human mistake, Magic Power could provide an option reversed protection module (order No. 900-PR01). This module could offer fully protection while reversing the input polarity.

Q: Would the ATX output cable harnesses available for MPI-706H/MPI-806H/MPD-807H/
MPI-P10H/MPD-810H/MPI-815H/MPM-706H/MPM- 815H?

Yes, Magic Power has some standard ATX output cable harnesses for the open frame PSUs as a flexible option for the applications.

Q: Could I use MPI-706H/MPI-806H/MPD-807H/MPD-810H/MPI-P10H/MPI-815H/MPM-815H
without +5Vsb as for ATX applications?

Yes. In case you do not need the +5Vsb output as ATX application, a jumper could be added to jump the pin of “Remote on/off” with the GND nearby to avoid the +5Vsb.

Q: What is the differences between the isolated and the non-isolated DC/DC PSU?

Magic Power's isolated DC/DC PSUs are designed as well as AC/DC power supplies' construction. It isolates the primary and the secondary, which is suitable for the unstable input environment as vehicle applications. Wide input range, in addition, could increase the protection from the unstable input voltage. Most of non-isolated DC/DC converters are using only IC regulators without separating the primary and the secondary and would be risky to be used at the environment without stable DC input voltage.

Q: What is the differences between IT and Medical power supplies?

Magic Power's IT power supplies are design to meet IEC 60950-1, and medical power supplies are required design to meet at least IEC/UL/EN 60601-1 which is medical grade standards.

Q: What is the advantage of fanless power supplies?

In Magic Power design, fan is not only noisy but also the weakest and shortest life time component. Magic Power fanless products have longer life time and MTBF. It would increase the reliability for your devices.

Q: How could I fix the U-chassis of MPI-806H/MPI-P10H/MPD-810H series to the application?

The MPD-810H is designed with U-chassis. The U-chassis is not only providing the mounting mechanism but also used to dissipate the heat generated by the power supply. The typical U-chassis should be directly mounted on the system chassis. This means the U-chassis should be directly in contact with the system chassis. This makes the heat generated by the power supply to be dissipated through the outer system chassis. Please refer to the mechanical section in the specification for the position of mounting holes and the height of the screw