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Magic Power Technology's professional R/D and sales teams provide customers service as well as a power supply consultant. We always provide our experience to share with customer how /what efficiency is working ODM/OEM projects. Our capability are covering following special requirements. We are willing to challenge more critical and professional power supplies.

* Product Range & Capabilities:

Output power range

1W - 800W


Fly back converters/Forward converters/Half bridge LLC converters/Zero voltage switching converters/Step down converters/Step up converters

Low quantity requirement


Number of outputs

1 set up to 10sets

Input voltage

AC to DC input voltage

Ambient temperatures

-40℃ up to 85℃ convection or fan cooled

Lead time for ODM/OEM samples

8-10 weeks after confirm order

Medical device safety

Up to CF


Open frame/Wall mount plug/Desktop/U-frame/Enclosed/19 inch technology

* Experienced Products & Applications:

Power Supply Application

Peak 350W, continue 191W convection cooled. Leakage current is as low as medical requirement <300uA.

Gambling Machine

660W 9 outputs with active PFC.

Laboratory Instrument

100W 7outputs AC/DC PSU. Operating temperature 0~70°C . Input over voltage detector.

Laser and inkjet printer at factory

Medical AC/DC, 250W 8 outputs within 3% total regulation Built into 19’ rack mount system.

X Ray Magnetic film scanner

Medical CF Class, Leakage current lower than 10uA (Sec. to Gnd), Peak 85W and build in max. 10 times limited counter.


Medical AC/DC, 380W 2V/60A for laser diode output (control by external signal & response time within 0.5mS) 25V/10A for TEC controller (control by signal & variable polarity).

Endogenous laser treatment for Varicose Veins

300W medical fanless PSU. Less than ½ medical leakage current requirement.


200W convection cooled isolated DC+AC/DC converter Input polarity reversed protection.

Glareless Surgical Light

100W convection cooled dual outputs AC/DC PSU, with high hold up time and optimized EMI.

Vending Machine

Medical DC/DC 19V / 3.7A power supply, with waterproof metal enclosure and special input / output connectors.

Medical Panel PC

Medical 120W adapter, with IEC 60950-1 approved, wall mount mechanical construction and optional strain relief kit for tightening the AC power cord.


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